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We have a New Year's resolution for you!  Make 2018 the year about self care.  Imagine how good you could feel by booking a monthly massage.  Why wait until you can't turn your head or ignore that low back pain anymore?  By booking regularly scheduled appointments, your therapist can break up muscle fibre adhesions or "knots" in a much more comfortable fashion while increasing your own body awareness at a more specific level.  Feel those benefits first hand of more tissue flexibility, shock absorption and circulation.

Take the challenge!

 Book online right now, one treatment every four weeks, and see how much better you will feel overall!




Welcome to Alana Gibbens, RMT

a proud edition to our team!

Alana offers therapy to clients in hospitals, nursing homes, and retirement communities.  She is an experienced therapist, who understands the importance of adapting massage techniques for those with advanced pathologies.  

To book an appointment with Alana, please call or email us.  Her schedule is not available online, which allows us to make it as efficient as possible and allow appropriate travel time around her appointments.


Authentic Touch Massage Therapy
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