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A Specialty

Infant Massage

Always appreciating that you are the expert of your own baby, Erin is honoured to introduce you to your first massage experience together.  Erin's pre and postnatal studies and her own babies, naturally led her to infant massage.  She is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor, having graduated from the International Association of Infant Massage.  Classes are offered one hour a week for five weeks, blending traditional Indian and Swedish massage techniques with Yoga and Reflexology principles.  The result is a fun, easy to learn full body massage appropriate for the delicacy of an infant.  

As a parent, loving relative or caregiver of an infant, you want to see your child flourish.  Touch is as important as food for healthy mental and physical development- a fact clearly supported by both ancient tradition and contemporary research.  Massage is attentive, pleasurable touch that can promote your baby's well-being while increasing your ability to respond to his or her needs.  

Bonding with your Baby

Bonding, that unique and close attachment between you and your child, is enhanced with the observant and sensitive care of massage.  The elements of bonding are inherent in infant massage: eye contact, skin contact, smiles, soothing sounds, smells and loving communication.  Responding to your baby's smiles, frowns and squirms in this comforting way can reinforce the trust between the two of you, a trust which can provide the foundation of your relationship for years to come.

If Your Baby Has Special Needs

If you are the parent of an infant with special needs, your child may communicate her or his needs differently than other babies.  Giving a focused massage allows you to learn more about your baby's unique signals.  Massage may also help your baby cope with the physical stressess or disabilities she or he may have to live with.

Research Tells the Story

The positive effects of infant massage have been well researched in studies sponsered by UNICEF, University of Miami School of Medicine, the Touch Institute and the International Association of Infant Massage.  Among the results of the major studies are:

Children and infants who were massaged showed improved sleeping patterns, diminished anxious behavior and signifigantly reduced stress indicators such as heart rate and stress hormone levels.

Premature babies who were regularily massaged gained weight faster, performed better on developmental tasks, acquired mental and motor skills earlier and were more relaxed than babies who were not massaged.  Early touch also benefitted the developing nervous systems of theses infants.

Sleep.  Babies who are massaged sleep better and are calmer and more alert when awake.

Relief.  Massage stimulates digestion and elimination.  It can help to minimize the discomfort from gas and cramps when a baby is just learning how to breakdown and utilize new foods.  Massage may reduce the discomfort from teething, colds and congestion.

Relaxation.  Normal discomforts of growing and your baby's need to constantly respond to new experiences can lead to muscle tension and unease.  Massage can help your baby let go of tension and relax.  

Over time, receiving massage can help a child create a more positive body image and enhance emotional security .  It can help teach them the importance of self-nurturing and preventive health care at an early age.  

Infant Massage classes led by Erin are booked once a week for five weeks.  This allows time for the parents to become familiar with the techniques and the babies to absorb the new stimuli.  Class sizes are always kept small to allow time for individual attention, specific review and questions.   Babies will always direct the flow of the class, there is never a need to "shush" your baby during a class.  Everyone is welcome with all moods, smells and sounds!