We are having a change to our fee schedule. Rates for therapy as of September 1st:

30 mins- $55

45 mins- $70

60 mins- $85

75 mins- $100

90 mins- $120

We are proud to offer Registered Massage Therapists who commit to furthering their education, far above industry standards. We appreciate your patronage and continued support.


This type of cupping is a form of connective tissue or myofascial release.  Pressurized cups are placed on the body and a gliding movement is applied, that lifts and separates tissue, it is a decompressive force, similar to the suction in a vacuum.  The nutrient rich blood supply to the tissue is increased, while giving a passive stretching to the underlying soft tissue.  Cupping will help to increase the range of motion in joints by reducing fascial or connective tissue adhesions, decreasing the incidence of injury and maintaining function.                                                                                                                                  

This can be booked as a stand alone therapy or incorporated with therapeutic massage.







Order compression socks, or leg and arm sleeves with Authentic Touch! 

Professionally trained fitters will ensure that you have a custom measured and ordered garment. We offer variety of compression sleeves or socks for athletic purposes and medical conditions such as Lymphedema.

We work with suppliers such as Jobst and Juzo to offer the latest products to suit your compression needs.  Ask your therapist for more information.